Top Adventure Vacation Package Destinations

Travel with a bang – that is perhaps the best definition of an adventure vacation.  To the personal experience, an adventure vacation is an exercise of going out on one’s own surroundings and actively seeking unfamiliar experiences.  While exotic may be an overused term, finding uniqueness in every trip that will bring out a different feeling from you is what adventure vacation tries to accomplish.  Instead of using the rare holidays to sit down in your house, or take a stale ride to the beach, adventure travel aims to introduce different dimensions of the world’s different offerings and expose you to new situations.

Adventure vacations serve the demand of an ever-changing tourist base.  Thus, new and promising tourist spots cater to adventure travelers more than the casual tourists.  As competition for adventure vacation packages heats up, tourists will be happy to find budget packages online that suits perfectly well for the experience that they are looking for.

Cultural Adventure Vacation Packages

One aspect of adventure travel that is underrated is the opportunity to know people from different cultures and environments.  From a first-world perspective, there is a lot on the market for cultural travel to Asia and South America.  As an example, the Philippines led by local tourism agencies are highlighting various cultural events as part of travel itineraries.  Adventure vacation packages that view Filipino festivals like the Ati-Atihan and Panagbenga Flower Festival attract a lot of foreign tourist who want to learn the culture of the islands.  The same adventure vacation packages are also available in Vietnam where you can take a hike through the mountains and tour a spectrum of people and study the culture that unites the country.

Adventure vacation in India is also a popular draw for many tourists.  Popular vacation packages include a trip to the various temples, religious festivals, and markets of India.  Starting with the famous Taj Mahal, you can learn more about their culture with a firsthand view.  Other popular cultural adventure destinations include Peru, Mexico, China, Nepal, Tibet, and the South Pacific.

Nature Adventure Traveling

Mother Nature imposes a lot of challenges for avid adventure travelers.  However, when the appetite for adventure and travel knocks, no one will stop you from finding nature adventure destinations everywhere.  The Alaskan adventure vacation package features canoeing from the Yukon territories to towns in Alaska, hiking, kayaking, picnics, sailing, and bird watching.  Crossing the Atlantic, you can take a series of trains and travel all over Europe to explore its natural beauty.  Since it is easy to cross European borders, you can have itineraries as creative as a sunset cruise in the French Riviera on the first day, then a hike in the Czech highlands after three days.  Before your European nature adventure ends, you will most likely see the best of serene Europe from the Scandinavian, Danube, and Iberian Peninsula, to Morocco, and the Mediterranean islands.

Choosing an Adventure Vacation Package

Taking the step from the casual, mainstream traveler to a true adventure traveler requires a lot of openness, imagination, free time, and organization.  More importantly, you must have your itinerary planned within your budget.  You can also be the extreme adventure traveler who decides on choice destination spontaneously.  Nevertheless it is important to prioritize your wish list of destinations so that you can make every trip memorable.  A carefully planned travel itinerary along with a definite adventure vacation package helps bring structure to an otherwise fleeting trip.

If you want to find the best of the best adventure destinations in the world, it is important that you research for yourself so you can have an idea what kind of trip you really want to engage in.  Do you want an extreme wilderness vacation package or an island hopping itinerary?  Do you prefer land explorations over diving and snorkeling?  Alternatively, do you prefer both?  With so many choices, defining what you want can go a long way in organizing your travel plans.