Premier Destinations in the UK for Road Trips

There are some people who experience a sense of peace whenever they get the chance to explore their surroundings while riding their cars. The advantage of this type of travel is you get to control the pace of your journey. The slow drive along lush countryside can also give you a sense of tranquility. If you and your friends are open to an unconventional type of trip, then perhaps you should purchase second hand cars Northumberland and explore sights and sounds around the country. This type of pastime has been done by countless others in the past. Enthusiasts more or less agree that these are some of the top places to visit while you are out on the road:

  1. London to Brighton

There are many who have noted the similarities between these two destinations. In fact, Brighton is renowned as the London by the Sea. Travel time takes a couple of hours, especially if you depart from the capital. The ideal route to take would be to go south of the Thames and take the A23 South which leads you directly to M23, near the coast of Brighton. As you drive along, you can appreciate the transition of the hustle and bustle of the city to the peacefulness and serenity of the countryside.

  1. Norfolk County

If you prefer a quiet atmosphere, then this road trip is definitely for you. You start your journey at the county’s capital Norwich and take the A47 to Kings Lynn and to Cromer afterwards. The drive along these two routes provides you with magnificent views of the Cley and Titchwell nature reserves. If you have time to spare, you can also drive along B1355 inland and explore Compton Hall.

  1. Scottish Highlands

Many have claimed this area as one of the most majestic in the world. Not only will you find lush fields and plains, you can also explore ancient and majestic castles and fortresses. If you are planning on a round trip in this region, take note that the entire area is approximately 400 miles, which means it might take you four to five days on the road. As you travel, you can make various stops at Edinburgh, Perth, and Inverness. You can witness spectacular views among all these areas.

Take note that unlike regular holidays, most of your time will be spent out on the road. For this reason, it would be best if you familiarize the different routes so that you will not get lost along the way.