International Study Programs

Some colleges and universities offer international study programs. Programs may include internships, summer programs, service learning and volunteer programs and intensive language programs as well as programs that focus on your major or area of interest. Schools like Syracuse University, the State University of New York, Boston University offer these programs, to name a few. There are many schools across the U.S. that offer international study, so check the course catalog and college mailers to see what each school offers.

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For example, Boston University offers 65 programs in 30 countries and is one of them more expensive international study programs available. These programs may be in communication, archaeology, art, language, religion or any one of a number of other majors or subjects. You can even attend business school in Dublin, Ireland!

These programs are typically available to students in their junior or senior year, but each college policy varies, so check with your school. If your school does not offer international study, you may still be able to find a program for summer study and arrange school credit.

There are some sites you may find helpful in your search if your school is unable to help you:

Before you make the decision to study abroad, consider whether you are ready for this adventure. These programs can broaden your knowledge and skill and expand your mind and experience beyond your domestic and local community exposure. However, if you are not ready to live and study in another country for a month or more, you may be miserable being so far away from home. Talk to your advisors, your parents and your friends and decide whether these programs are for you. You might consider putting off international study for another year or until you are in graduate school if you feel you need more time to prepare yourself.

If you ARE ready, do your homework. Find out about the culture, the health care system, the people, the history and the language. Do some exploring and sightseeing in your spare time but be sure you understand where you can safely go. School programs are well equipped to prepare you with information about the country and program you are attending, but it never hurts to do your own homework. The more you know about the people and the environment, the less insecure you will feel and the more prepared you will be. Bring a camera and a journal and take home plenty of mementos of your journey. If you do choose to take advantage of one of these programs through your school or a third party summer study program, you will have the experience of your life and it is something you will never forget.